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Generate insights in real-time.
  • Visualise your data in real-time.
  • Enrich basic information like visits or page views with audiences from Pinpoll DMP.
  • Understand the interests and properties of your audiences.
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Experience the magic of real-time visualisation.
  • See what's trending on your website and gain deep insights linked to your audiences.
  • It's nice to see the current visitor count, but nothing beats real-time audience insights.
  • Optimised for tracking AMP pages (official Google AMP Vendor).
  • One script does it all - the technical setup is a walk in the park and load time ultra fast.
Start transforming numbers into faces - it's easy!
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€ 300 per month
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10M Page Impressions
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Real-time insights
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Real-time Audiences
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Insights over time
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Custom Dashboards
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Customisable Widgets
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Big Board Mode
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Dark Mode
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Event Tracking
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Client Management
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Custom Features
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E-Mail Support
Limits apply per month, prices paid monthly, subject to change.
Enterprise plans may be cancelled anytime.
Each domain and subdomain require one license. Multiple accounts possible for Corporate plans.
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"Salzburger Nachrichten" is a media house pursuing highest quality, data-driven journalism. We use Pinpoll Analytics to identify relevant content for our audiences. In addition, we visualise our success in acquiring newspaper subscribers in real-time. The data required is pulled from Pinpoll DMP that we also use to market ads with our ad server and DSP.
Sebastian Gückelhorn, Head of Online Marketing at Salzburger Nachrichten
Image of Sebastian Gückelhorn, Head of Online Marketing at Salzburger Nachrichten
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