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Generate First-Party Data.
  • We trust that you own a lot of data, so start using it.
  • This job can easily be done with Pinpoll DMP.
  • Build your own audiences based on poll data, surf behaviour, form data or any other sources.
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Data: The Raw Material to Fuel Sales.
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GDPR compliant
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managed audiences
Experience the magic of data.
  • Explore infinite user interests and properties.
  • Activate your audiences in any third-party system.
  • Optimised for tracking AMP pages (official Google AMP Vendor).
  • One script does it all - the technical setup is a walk in the park and load time ultra fast.
Pinpoll DMP thinks you are into ...
Get to know your audiences now - it's easy!
To what extent do you think you already use the data you generate?
Great, you already use your precious data, but we think you could do even better with Pinpoll DMP.
You pay what you use!
We offer the perfect plan for you.
pay monthly
Most Popular
Best for Medium Traffic Websites
€ 600 per month
(plus variable fees & Setup)
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10M Page Impressions
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Ready-to-use Audiences
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Smart Audience Building
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Lookalikes (Coming Soon)
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Audience Activation
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Event Tracking
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Real-time Aggregation
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Data On-boarding
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Client Management
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API Usage
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SDK Usage
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Custom Features
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E-Mail Support
Limits apply per month, prices paid monthly, subject to change.
Enterprise plans may be cancelled anytime.
Each domain and subdomain require one license. Multiple accounts possible for Corporate plans.
Customers who trust us
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With the DMP we use the data to build fascinating audiences in Pinpoll DMP and bring them to life in Pinpoll Analytics. We can activate the audiences in any third-party system (programmatic, newsletters, SEM).
Charis Coleman, Market Engagement Manager at Kagiso Media
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We are.
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Tobias Oberascher